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Divine Gold God Moss with Burdock Root & Bladderwrack

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Our "Super Gold" blend is perfect for those looking for complete mineral and vitamin supplementation, as it has all 102 minerals.  Sea moss naturally on its own carries 92 out of 102 vitamins and minerals the body needs maintain great health and vitality. Gold sea moss specializes in reducing inflammation and contains phytonutrients that improve cellular communication. Our Super Gold Godmoss is made our naturally gold sea moss, bladderwrack, and burdock root –another one of our best sellers! Bladderwrack is used to help with iodine deficiency, obesity, joint pain, aging skin, digestive issues, urinary tract infection, and thyroid dysfunction.  Burdock is a wonderful herb known for its numerous health benefits which include, aiding in digestion, detoxifying the liver, and balancing hormones. It is also good for improving skin quality, reducing inflammation, and lowering blood pressure.

Key limes are used as part of the soaking process – not blending.

non-GMO. NO pesticides, NO preservatives. 100% organic.

Immediately refrigerate the product upon arrival. Shelf life is about 3-4 weeks. You can freeze and store for a later use if desired (up to 3 months).

The content and/ or nutritional information on this on site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please talk to your physician or any licensed medical provider if you have any concerns due to any medical condition.

Directions and Dosage:

1 Tablespoon = 1 Serving

1. Scoop Tablespoon into most daily consumables: 8 oz. Smoothie, Tea, Coffee, Soup, Shake, Oatmeal, etc. (if content exceeds 12 oz. you may want to add an additional Tablespoon)

2. Another option is to consume without mixing into anything… Just One Tablespoon and make sure to stay hydrated!

3. Do NOT exceed more than 2 Servings per day.

4. Do NOT Microwave.


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