Our Mission

Founded in Los Angeles by childhood friends Geno and Andy, our mission was born from personal transformation and a deep desire to empower others. 

Geno, a fitness enthusiast, discovered the incredible benefits of sea moss during his search for holistic health solutions. His remarkable recovery and weight stabilization, inspired by the teachings of Dr. Sebi and rooted in his Garifuna heritage, marked the beginning of GODMOSS.

Andy’s experience further solidified our belief in sea moss's healing powers. Suffering from Psoriasis, he witnessed first-hand the dramatic improvement in his skin health after incorporating sea moss into his diet. It didn’t just stop there; sea moss also brought relief to his mother’s arthritis, becoming a staple in their lives.

Together, in February 2019, we embarked on this journey to share the wonders of sea moss. With Geno’s passion for wellness and Andy’s business acumen, GODMOSS was born – a blend of cultural discovery, holistic health, and a commitment to sharing earth’s natural gifts.

Our vision extends beyond providing high-quality sea moss gel. We are dedicated to nurturing your health and the planet, ensuring each jar reflects our commitment to purity, sustainability, and community. 

Join us in embracing a lifestyle that's in harmony with nature and embark on a journey towards optimal health.