Our Story

Made with love from Los Angeles

"God Moss Los Angeles" started by LA native Geno Cacho-Ruiz. A first generation American who's roots trace back to Honduras, but more importantly the indigenous Afro Carib Garifuna people.

The mission behind the "GODMOSS" is to resurrect GODLY eating habits within the inner cities across the nation. The mission is to destroy colonization through our eating habits and refrain from a diet consisting of processed toxic foods. Consuming the "GODMOSS" gel on a daily basis is the beginning in unlocking your inner GOD OR GODDESS, with up to 102 minerals needed for daily bodily functions. Such as iodine for thyroid health, vitamins A, B, C, E, G, K, potassium for muscle function, and many more.

In order to deepen the understanding of seamoss your own research is highly recommended, don't take our word for it. Lastly, God Moss Los Angeles is here to advocate knowledge of self by understanding our existence as creators. Creativity being a Godly trait, our mission is to influence more creators and creations that benefit mother earth and one another.

From a dream to reality...


Eugene "Geno" Cacho is the founder of God Moss. A first generation U.S. citizen from inner city of Los Angeles, who hopes to educate people about a healthier lifestyle. In founding God Moss, Geno strives to provide for family while doing so in a RIGHTEOUS way!


Fuel and enhance your body and mind - "Pick-me-up" to stay focused - Physical & mental performance boost - Improved sex life


Irish Sea Moss comes raw and sandy. It is thoroughly cleaned 3 or 4 times before it soaked, then finally blended. The process takes a couple days.


Currently our Irish Sea Moss is harvested from the fresh waters off St. Lucia.


Seamoss is loaded with iodine, which is essential for thyroid health.

Irish seamoss comes in different colors, such as red, green, and purple.