Our Story

Made with love in Los Angeles

God Moss was founded by Geno and Andy: Two childhood friends with a mission.


 – To educate and empower those who are in search of enhancing their diet and lifestyles holistically through earth’s offerings.


In February of 2019, Geno founded God Moss Los Angeles. Geno is a fitness enthusiast with a background in weightlifting, MMA, and Jiu Jitsu who constantly engaged in long vigorous hours of intense training. In the middle of his MMA career, Geno began to experience abnormal weight loss and his muscle mass began to decrease. In the process of searching for holistic remedies, Geno became enamored with the teachings of Dr. Sebi – a holistic teacher of Honduran "Garifuna" descent. Through Dr Sebis lectures, Geno learned about sea moss and its amazing benefits. Within a month of implementing sea moss into his diet, Geno slowly reached his normal weight again. Coincidentally he is also of Garifuna descent and was able to find an alternative remedy through cultural discovery. Once he witnessed the benefits of sea moss, he started making some for his friends and family. He received positive feedback, and this is when he realized God Moss was his calling. 


Andy is Geno’s best friend and one of the first people he had introduced sea moss to. In 2019, Andy was diagnosed with Psoriasis: a skin condition that causes scaly red patches and inflammation in the skin.  Within weeks of consuming sea moss, Andy started noticing inflammation and redness decrease from the usual state. He then started giving it to his mother who experiences arthritis and immediately after a week started noticing a positive difference with her hands. Now sea moss has become a staple in their everyday lifestyle. With Andy’s academic background in business and strong belief in God Moss, he joined Geno in this journey to spread awareness and expose the nutritious benefits God Moss has to offer.